Our expert brand development

and communication approach

helps your brand win:

  • We begin by uncovering new and unexpected insights about your customer, company and competition – the “three C’s.” Our method includes a uniquely powerful customer insights technique that reveals exactly how your brand and product best fit into customer lives.
  • We draw on our insights and strategic expertise to crystallize your focused, emotional brand platform and proposition: your “spirit of the athlete”/Just Do It (Nike), your “advanced engineering”/The Ultimate Driving Machine (BMW), your “timelessness”/A Diamond is Forever (DeBeers).
  • We apply our award-winning creative expertise to the development of a core, informing brand creative concept that brings your brand platform and proposition to striking creative life at every communication touchpoint.
  • Customer insights workshops and interviews
  • Brand strategy, platform and proposition development
  • Core brand creative concept
  • Brand name, logo, graphics, label design
  • Brand elevator pitch and PR boilerplate
  • Essential product photography: tabletop and location
  • Branded website & online presence
  • Key collateral and sales support materials
  • Tradeshow presence, including booth design & graphics
  • Branded content, including brand story,  brand video, e-newsletter & blog content
  • Brand media & outreach plan: Development & management
  • Social strategy development & content
  • Advertising: Breakthrough consumer and trade campaigns
  • Branded events and promotions
  • Dealer/buyer outreach programs and presentations
  • Targeted press and PR